Two "First Contact Centers" to support small and medium enterprises were created in Kolomyya, Ukraine

19th of November, 2015 in the city of Kolomyya. The final conference on the results of the cross-border project "The Creation of a Network of First Contact Centers in Ukraine". The project was implemented in Ukraine and Slovakia within the framework of the cross-border cooperation and financed with EU funds.

 As a result of the project, the main objective (to create the preconditions for increasing economic independence of residents in the cross-border region of Slovakia and Ukraine through the implementation of joint cross-border business projects) was achieved. Also, opportunities were expanded for joint investment and cross-border cooperation of enterprises in the Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine) and Preshivskoho Košice (Slovakia) regions. An important result was the creation First Contact Centers for small and medium businesses in Kolomyya and Irshava.

 Participating in the conference were representatives of the following partner organizations that implemented the project:

  • "First Contact Center" – City of Michalovce (Kosice Region, Slovakia);
  • "First Contact Center" – City of Snina (Prešov Region, Slovakia);
  • NGO "Factory Investment Projects" City of Irshava (Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine);
  • Transcarpathian regional branch of the Association of Cities of Ukraine, City of Uzhgorod (Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine);
  • The Association for Economic Development of the Kolomyya Region, City of Kolomyya (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine).

 Participation in the final conference included representatives of local governments, small and medium businesses from Kolomyya and media representatives from Ukraine and Slovakia. During the conference, participants were given complete and comprehensive details on the measures implemented in the project and its main results.

 Eugene Luksha, Project Expert (City of Uzhgorod), presented the results of the work achieved during the activities in the City of Irshava (Transcarpathian Region). And spoke about the prospects of the newly established First Contact Center in Irshava.

 Project manager, Lyuboslav Zavatski (City of Mihalovtse, Slovakia), spoke about the specifics of the First Contact Center and expressed confidence that the project will promote the development of cross-border networks and partnerships between businesses on both sides of the border. He also told the audience about organized training tours for Ukrainian Civil Procedure Code Managers who had an important role in raising the institutional capacity of NGOs in Ukraine.

 Executive Director of the Association for Economic Development of the Kolomyya Region, Vitaly Halaychuk, also presented the results of the International Forum and Exhibition on Eco-Production and Tourism in the Carpathians "Eco-Expo Carpathians - 2015", held as part of the project in the City of Yaremche. He expressed confidence that the network of First Contact Centers will enhance collaboration to minimize the obstacles that hinder the development of cross-border business in the region. This will enable small and medium businesses to obtain the necessary information about potential business partners.