Mission and aims



19th of June, 2001


To promote the socio-economic development of the region through providing expert consultation and project implementation in the fields of business, tourism, social activism, and environmental preservation.


We will be a driving force in making the Kolomyya region a desired place to visit, live, and conduct business.


  • creating a favorable environment for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, as well asincreasing opportunities for youth and women to create and implement business ideas;
  • enhancing the investment attractiveness of the region by finding, attracting, and introducing modern technologies and techniques;
  • promoting the development oftourism and popularization of the region;
  • promoting the implementation of effective democratic governance and accelerating the economic development of the community by enhancing community members’ capacity in the areas of democratic governance and local development;
  • supporting the processes of decentralization and integrated development planning at the local and regional levels, and participating in the development and implementation of strategies for socio-economic development;
  • promoting public involvement in development and decision-making processes at the local level;
  • supporting the efficient use of human capital, land, property, and other resources of the communities in the region, as well as the economical and efficient use of funds in local budgets;
  • encouraging the revival and preservation of the traditions and cultural heritage of the region;
  • assisting civil society organizations, initiative groups, local authorities, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and the people of the region in the implementation of their initiatives aimed at improving living standards and addressing local problems.


Since the establishment of AEDK, our experts have been actively involved in the life of local communities in the region, implementing various ideas and support initiatives, developing legal documents, assisting in regulatory acts, creating strategic publications, and assisting in program development. This long-term cooperation not only comes in the form of international technical assistance projects, but also in daily activities such as cooperating with business representatives, encouraging environmental protection, and building positive relationships with public authorities and local governments. AEDK serves not only to initiate strategies, but also often organizes round table discussions, public hearings, public debates, and focus groups on various issues concerning community life.

AEDK has established partnerships with many organizations in the Carpathian Region and far beyond. These include Funds supporting entrepreneurship and a network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. AEDK heads a coalition of more than ten NGOs operating in the Kolomyya Region.

A number of endeavors have been carried out by AEDK at various levels, from local to international. We have established long-term partnerships with research centers at national and local levels. We also have built strong partnerships with business associations and public organizations not only in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast and throughout Ukraine, but also abroad, particularly in Moldova, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, The United States, and Canada. We have a good reputation amongst businesses donors, foundations, and embassies who have supported many projects implemented by AEDK which we will present below.

Since our inception, AEDK has implemented nearly 50 projects and initiatives within the framework of international technical assistance programs in different areas, both independently and in collaboration with our partners. These projects and initiatives have been economic, social, environmental, youth oriented, charitable, cultural, and more. AEDK has conducted dozens of research studies, developed a number of analytical documents, and carried out local policy analyses. AEDK also acts as a local think tank and our experts have been trained at analytical centers of national significance, including the Ukrainian Centre for Economic and Political Studies named Razumkov Centre. Our experts have also had positive experiences studying abroad in countries including Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ireland, The United Kingdom, and The United States.

Since 2004, AEDK has been cooperating with the US Pease Corps in Ukraine. For more than 10 years we have been adding American volunteers to our team and they have been making invaluable contributions to the development of our organization and to Kolomyya.

The staff and experts at AEDK actively participate in various training events and competitions at regional and national levels. The AEDK team regularly attends seminars, workshops, and conferences.

AEDK uses modern management standards and technologies for its endeavors with a specific algorithm:

The following are some of the most significant and influential projects recently implemented by The Association for Economic Development of the Kolomyya Region:

In 2015, AEDK completed the implementation of the several-year project, “The Creation of a Network of First Contact Centers in Ukraine”, with our Slovakian partners by support of The European Union under the framework of the “Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Program 2007-2013”.

The purpose and objectives of the project:

  • Raising the level of economic independence for the population in the cross-border region of Slovakia and Ukraine.
  • Improving the skillsets of entrepreneurs for the development and implementation of joint cross-border business projects.
  • Creating a network of business contacts for entrepreneurs so they can cooperate and develop businesses with foreign partners.
  • Expanding opportunities for joint investment and cross-border cooperation for enterprises in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (Ukraine), and Košice and Prešov regions (Slovakia).
  • Providing software support and consultation for business planning, assisting in the creation of cross-border enterprises, and developing marketing plans.
  • Creating two “First Contact Centers” in Ukraine, and organizing counseling and support for small and medium sized enterprises in the framework of the Cross-Border Cooperation.

 In 2013-2014, AEDK implemented, along with Romanian and Moldovan partners, the project “Competitiveness Enhancement through Synergy in the Border Region”, which was supported by The European Union within the framework of the “Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine-Moldova 2007-2013”.

The purpose and objectives of the project:

  • Creating additional business opportunities for small and medium enterprises in the border regions of Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine.
  • Enhancing the potential of people and communities, and increasing their interaction with each other.
  • Strengthening the economic performance of small and medium enterprises, and encouraging their cooperation with one another, in the border regions of Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine to achieve economic growth and sustainable development.

 The project, "There is no Future without a Past", was implemented in 2010-2011 with financial support from the foundation, "Remembrance, Responsibility, and Future" (EVZ Stiftung, Germany).

The purpose and objectives of the project:

  • Creating the conditions to improve the social standards of the elderly.
  • Creating an environment where elderly people, who were victims of the totalitarian regime, could feel like active members of society.
  • Providing an atmosphere where people from different generations can get to together and share their thoughts and experiences.
  • Improving the quality of life of former victims of National Socialism.
  • Attracting public attention to, and improving attitudes towards, the elderly in Kolomyya, in particular the victims of the totalitarian regime. 

 In 2008-2009 AEDK was a partner in a joint Ukrainian-Romanian project, “Creating a Border Center for Tourism, Cooperation, and the Development of Suceava and Kolomyya”, which was funded by the "Neighborhood Program Romania-Ukraine 2004-2006".

The purpose and objectives of the project:

  • Promoting the development of cross-border cooperation in the field of tourism between the border regions of Ukraine and Romania.

 In 2005-2008, AEDK with financial support from The European Commission implemented the project, "Kolomyya Youth Center".

The purpose and objectives of the project:

  • Providing a favorable environment for comprehensive development (sports, music, art, language learning, etc.) and relaxation for the children and youth of Kolomyya.

 In 2004-2007, Kolomyya was one of the six cities in Ukraine chosen for the project, "People's Voice", which was funded by the Canadian International Development Agency. This project was implemented by The World Bank together with local partners – the PADKO Company and the International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS).

The purpose and objectives of the project:

  • Promoting the development and implementation of various forms of public involvement in order to improve the quality of municipal services in Ukraine.

 The project, "Participation of Rural Kolomian Hutsul Communities in Shaping and Implementing Sustainable Development Strategies", was implemented in 2005-2006 with the support of the Carpathian Foundation. The project promoted sustainable integrated development for Kolomian Hutsul, which significantly helped improve the living standards of the rural population by creating a favorable environment for the development of the local economy, improved their entrepreneurship skills, and established an efficient use of available resources and a cohesion of the rural communities.

 In 2004, a group led by the consulting firm, Ecorys (Netherlands), implemented the project, “Improving the Environment for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises”, in Ukraine which was supported by The European Union. As a partner in this project, AEDK used their experience and expertise to provide training services to entrepreneurs and local communities in four regions of Ivano-Frankivsk.

 The project, “Promoting Youth Initiatives in the Socio-Economic Sphere”, was implemented in 2004 with the support of the Institute for Sustainable Communities (the project, “Ukraine Citizen Action Network (UCAN)”) and funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The undertakings of this project covered five districts of Ivano-Frankivsk. The project, among other things, created the "Center for Social and Business Initiatives in Yaremche", which later became one of the leading NGOs in the Carpathian region and brought together businesses and promoted a range of activity in the Yaremche region. The project also involved training the youth in the basics of entrepreneurship, bringing the active youth together, and creating a network of youth organizations in five regions of Ivano-Frankivsk.

 In 2003-2004 AEDK implemented the project, “Public Participation in Determining the Priorities of the Socio-Economic Development of the City of Kolomyya”, with support from the International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS) and the Ukrainian Centre for Economic and Political Studies (Razumkov Centre), and with financial support from to the International Fund "Renaissance". The project conducted a thorough study which aimed to find out what issues were most concerning to the local residents. The results formed the basis for the publication, “Priorities in the Development of Kolomyya”. 


In addition to the above, AEDK has implemented a number of anti-corruption, electoral, educational, charitable, educational, cultural, youth oriented, sports, tourism development, and more international technical assistance projects and initiatives of our members.


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